Chapter 1
The Sundering

It is a period of forum war. THE ANTIOCH CHRONICLES, a Starcraft campaign created by AUSPEX TURMALIS, a.k.a. Ruben Moreno, is being called the greatest campaign released to date. With two episodes already released—“Psionic Storm” and “Negative Suns”—the fans are quite eager to see the third and final chapter, “Thoughts In Chaos.”

But in this time of waiting, patience began to run low, and nerves began to fray. LAMERS emerged, demanding to know when A3 would be released. With nasty flames, jeers, and taunts, they plunged the Antioch FORUMS into utter chaos. It was truly a dark time for the Forumers.

It was because of such Lamers that such groups as WASTE were founded. Backed by the already powerful VSP, this group of angered Forumers fought back, utterly eradicating the evil Lamers. With the assistance of other Forumers and the TAC Staff, the Lamers were caught and either killed or banned for all time.

Other groups have since been created: BORP, the COMBINE, the Eastsidaz and Westsidaz, and the unpredictable PROTECTORATE. And there have been other Lamers, too. But like the others that had come before, they were ultimately destroyed or banned.

Yet despite all this, there is still the possibility that something yet more terrifying might come to sow seeds of chaos and destruction. Something that not even the combined might of the Forumers may be able to stop...


March 14, 2005


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Holy crap has it been a long time since this site has been updated.

Well, just wanted to let you all know that progress is being made. And so as to provide you with something other than that reassurance, here is a screen shot from a map that will not only appear in some point in the game, but is also part of a location that will play a major role. What is that location, you ask? I’m not telling. That’s for you to try and figure out, and then see if you’re right when that chapter is released.

I will, however, give you one hint: the location should be a familiar one to any veteran of the Antioch forums.

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