9/15/01 - Hmm, it looks like I should try and update more. Anyways, the world of e-mail has forsaken me again, so I'm now at, so please send mail, I'm beginning to think you guys are losing interest! As content goes, Chapter II of Ghettok: The Hasslin' is up, so go give that a read. The Felix! draws closer so get ready my brothas and sistas!

8/06/01 - Work on The Felix! is progressing nicely. Almost all the patchwork is done (I'd say 99% of it is.) Archangel sent me all the Ghettok sounds (which are hilarious, good job, Archy.) I'd say the intro is pretty much finished and 1 & 2 are getting there. I'm gonna do another contest! E-mail me at with the name of the campaign from which I ripped off Resurrected Aldaris and you get The Felix! intro! Bye now!

Oh yeah, I'm linking to some more campaigns, check the bottom of the page.

6/29/01 - Let's get down to business! First: I'm changing the way The Felix will be released. Instead of all of part one being released at once, the first three maps will be let out at first, to give you guys something to play soon. Second: screenshots.

Screen 01
Screen 02
Screen 03

Third: interview. I was interviewed by Magic of Star Alliance some time ago and since their FTP server isn't working, its being posted here in the mean-time. Fouth: Chapter I of the Ghettok Story (not funny at all, mind you) and the Quirriff Story Enjoy!

5/31/01 - Hey all, I'm letting you see a progress report on The Felix to let you know where I stand.


Felix-00.scx: Terrain: 100% Unit Placement: 100% Briefing: 95% Triggers: 98% Music Looping: 80%
Felix-01.scx: Terrain: 100% Unit Placement: 100% Briefing: 90% Triggers: 85% Music Looping: 20%
Felix-02.scx: Terrain: 100% Unit Placement: 100% Briefing: 99% Triggers: 90% Music Looping: 00%
Felix-03.scx: Terrain: 100% Unit Placement: 100% Briefing: 40% Triggers: 00% Music Looping: 00%
Felix-04.scx: Terrain: 40% Unit Placement: 30% Briefing: 00% Triggers: 00% Music Looping: 00%
Felix-05.scx: Terrain: 70% Unit Placement: 50% Briefing: 00% Triggers: 00% Music Looping: 00%
Felix-06.scx: Terrain: 30% Unit Placement: 25% Briefing: 00% Triggers: 00% Music Looping: 00%


Title Screen: 100%
Voices: 0-50%
Patch Editing: 75%
Patch Compilation: 00%

That's it. As you can see, I've come quite a ways for two months time. Bye now!

5/20/01 - I'd thought I'd give you guys a goodie, so here's the title start up screen!

Also, TS116 has replaced Super Eric as our MPQ/EXE guy. See ya'll later, ya'll!

5/13/01 - Not much to say, but that I am still working hard on the Felix and am to get it out fairly soon. Anyway, I'm in the middle of writing two short stories about the characters Quirriff and Ghettok. I'm also trying to get a button done so you people can have a pretty link to us. That'll be it for now.

4/27/01 - Well, guys, the contest is over. JasonienXXI, CC Forumer has won the day. Check out the contest results here. Be sure to also check the heroes section. Also, I've put up the first mailbag, so be sure to check that out.

4/19/01 - It has occurred to me that I left out our lady friends out of a hypnotically beautiful figure for the mailbag/contest. So enjoy, ladies.

At the bottom of the news page is a link to Scantid Studios, run by my very good friend and protege, Mike Lemmer. The site features the lovable Dave the SCV, and Zealots of the Hexagonal Cube, which features a character based on me, try to guess who it is when he comes along in the story. Until next time, send in your guesses and questions!

4/14/01 - Okay, people, what do I have to do? I've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response for the site, yet only a few e-mails for the guess the hero contest and the mailbag. This disappoints me. So, I'm trying a new strategy:

I assume you're all finished oggling our friend, so I'll get on with it. She's using her hypnotic *ahem* features to tell you to e-mail me with a guess on who the new hero is and to ask me a question! Dooo it, it'll make her love you!

4/11/01 - The Felix Web Site is now open to the public! I've put a lot of content up for you people, so be appreciatived, dangit. In the Heroes Section, I've put up short descriptions of all seventeen heroes making an appearance in the campaign. In the Features Section, I've got a bunch of goodies for you and I put up a production update chock full of info and screenshots. Also check the Staff Section to see who's working on this grand campaign! That's all for now, g'night.


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