Welcome to the somewhat temporary introduction site for the online forum RPG/story Mists of Antalya.

Mists, as it's usually called, is basically a collaborative story written by a bunch of people. Originally, it was part of a bigger forum which contained more than one "RPG". Flare created Mists of Antalya, and invited some Antiochers there. The Antiochers who stuck around was Qjuad, Razzy (Reaver of Shadows), Phigment, Grand Moff Ogre, Phoenix, Romulus (was then known as Shadow) and Raistlin. They joined three writers/players from the existing board: SquireThomas, zero thirteen, and Vhailor.

Together they wove quite an intriguing tale of a dark fantasy/horror world where the sun is never seen.
It lasted from November 2001 to August 2002. Slowly but surely life ebbed out of Antalya, and people simply stopped writing and posting. Mists of Antalya was never officially pronounced dead, but everyone felt it was.

Eight months later, due to a throw-away comment by Romulus in a chatroom ("like you abonded Mists?!", spelling mistakes intact), Flare said he could bring it back to life. Interest flared up, energy was high, and everyone was pumped. The new boards went up, an archive was constructed by yours truly (Phoenix), and we started Book II. This time the writers/players were Antiochers only.

The full roster right now includes Flare, Qjuad, Razzy, Grand Moff Ogre, Phoenix, Phigment, Romulus, and newcomers Admiral Styles and Magnum.

We're on constant search for fresh new blood, so take a look at what we have, and see if you want to join in.

The previous chapters can be found here:

Prologue - A Festival of Fiends
Chapter 1 - The Price of Ambition
Chapter 2 - Tip of the Iceberg
Chapter 3 - The Winds of Change
Chapter 4 - End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End

To read the continuing epic, go here: Book II, Chapter 1 - Full Circle
Book II, Chapter 2 - The Tides of War
Book II, Chapter 3 - Under a Wailing Moon

The forum itself, where all the authors are, and the place to go for information, is here: Mists of Antalya