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If you're looking for Replays...
Then go no further! I've got lots of replays here,
some of which I am defeated in, some of which I am
not and some of completely different players. All
of the replays are guaranteed to be good
replays that will teach you something new. Just click
the replays link and it will take you straight to the
downloading section.
Recently Added Replays...
The most recent additions to the download section

July 31st, 2001:
"Replay #13 - Refraction"
"Replay #14 - Technology"
"Replay #15 - Slaughter"
"Replay #16 - Escapee"
"Replay #17 - Containment"
"Replay #18 - Blasphemy"
"Replay #19 - Idle SCVs"

July 30th, 2001:
"Replay #1 - Micro Skillz"
"Replay #2 - Speedlings"
"Replay #3 - Tree Cover"
"Replay #4 - From All Sides"
"Replay #5 - Nick of Time"
"Replay #6 - Equality"
"Replay #7 - Domination"
"Replay #8 - Mutaling"
"Replay #9 - Mix it up"
"Replay #10 - Double Strike"
"Replay #11 - Distraction"
"Replay #12 - Austin Stoker"

Most Popular Replays
These are the most downloaded replays from this
site. If you want to download some of these, be
my guest.

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Favourite Replays
These are my favourite replays that I have uploaded
to date. You can look for them in the download

"Replay #1 - Micro Skillz"
"Replay #3 - Tree Cover"
"Replay #7 - Domination"