WASTE homepage grand re-opening!

March 3rd, 2001

Welcome to the new home of the WASTE Homepage! I have a lot more space I can use at this new server, and it’s not likely to cause me the download headaches that Geocities did, so hopefully things will be much less frustrating here. There are still a couple minor kinks to work out, I’m sure, so if anyone stumbles across a broken link or something like that, please let me know.

Anyways, not much is changed at the moment, but there will be new updates soon. I’m working on the WASTE Bios and have about half of them done. I’ve also started the WASTE story, so look for the first chapter of that soon, as well. And for you VSP/WASTE Saga fans, yes, my Part III ending is well underway, and Mason Wheeler’s ending should be in my hands shortly as well.

I will hopefully also have the updated versions of the first few missions and the patch of Operation: Auspex up…if all goes well, perhaps even by tonight.

So keep your eyes peeled for cool new things to come shortly, and until then, this is Seawolf, signing off.

Operation: Auspex Patch Repair

February 1st, 2001

In my haste to get everything uploaded last night, I forgot to include the sounds in O:A Patch ZIP. That’s fixed now, as well as a couple little touch-ups to the patch itself, so please go get the patch (again) in the campaign section.

Even More of Operation: Auspex

January 31st, 2001

That’s right! Mission 2 of the new mini-campaign Operation: Auspex is now up, as well as an updated patch. So go grab ’em in the campaign section right now!

More of Operation: Auspex

January 6th, 2001

That’s right! Mission 1 of the new mini-campaign Operation: Auspex is now up for download, as well as a nice little patch to help make it a more unique experience. So go grab ’em in the campaign section!

New Campaign in the Works!

January 4th, 2001

Operation: Auspex is a mini-campaign currently being made by none other than Dark_T_Zeratul, the leader of WASTE. The preview mission is up, and other missions will soon follow. So head to the campaign section and download it now!

A Taste of Things to Come

December 19th, 2000

I’ve added Part III of the VSP/WASTE Saga to the Saga page, though it is still lacking an ending (we’ll have one soon, I hope).

Additionally, I’ve added the first few Saga bios for you all to have a look at, with detailed info on the Saga’s “leaders” and some of their best quotes from the Saga. So go give that a look, too…and keep checking back for more bios and other stuff in the coming days!

Welcome to the Official WASTE Homepage!

December 7th, 2000

Well, we are officially open for business…or something like that. :P So far about all that’s here is Parts I and II of the VSP Saga, but hey…ya gotta start somewhere. I eventually plan on having bios for all major characters from both Parts of the Saga, detailed bios for WASTE team members, news and details on upcoming WASTE fiction and the WASTE campaign, and more stuff, so keep checking back! Until next time, this is Seawolf, signing off.

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