I am Ark Joseph IV, the Historian, and I speak so that in the days to come we may learn from what we once were.

The year was Terran 2314. 29 years of peace were interupted by what was to be called the Fringe Wars. 13 Bloody months of treachery, bloodshed, and pain.

From the ashes of this broken time rose a man who would see beyond what he knew, to what we all could become.

This is his story.

This is the campaign somebody has been making fun of for years on the Community Timeline page, such that our shit-talking is the lead search result when you Google for starcraft "fringe wars". It's a wiki, so, you know, could've been anyone.

Anyway, Fringe Wars was created by a gent named Peter Gage and released sometime in 1998 (the readme says July 28th, but maybe that's this version specifically; not long after the release of Starcraft, at any rate). Back in the day, it was frequently compared to TAC because, I dunno, they both had voices (simpler times). Then Episode II and Campaign Creations came along and nobody gave a fuck anymore. It's somewhat reminiscent of Starcraft: Insurrection, which, coincidentally, nobody gives a fuck about either.

It's included here to try to give it a better legacy than being insulted on this web site, a noble intent that clearly did not end up working out that way.