[]Admiral StylesFounder of Neo-BORP, creator of Love and War RPG
[]AleviceMember of Antioch Remastered team
[]AndricusBoyfriend of Spooky
[]AnnyFriend of Matt, old member of the TPC crew
[]Aqueous LampAlso known as Ed, Xocotli, Phizzy
[]Auric SkyreaverUnfrozen caveman lawyer
[]Auspex TurmalisCWALer, Creator of The Antioch Chronicles and Masked Manor webcomic
[]AvatarFormer Blue Team member, host/admin of Antioch Forever
[]bakjakFirst poster, creator of The Great VSP/WASTE Saga
[]BeejasmorlPart of the Florida Crew
[]Big DaveFormer editor of The Antioch Post
[]Blitz Zero
[]CannibalJimFounder of Cannibal Cabal, brother of Odin'sEye
[]CodebreakerCo-founder of The VSP
[]Commander LeonCreator of Allied Races
[]The Dark Gun
[]Dark T ZeratulFounder of WASTE, Co-creator of Antioch Wars RPG, creator of The Wrong Plot web comic, member of Antioch Remastered team
[]DekarPart of the Florida Crew
[]DensorFriend of taekwondogirl, formerly known as FordP
[]DeslerFormer head of Campaign Creations
[]dineMember of Antioch Remastered team, also known as 3yks, skye, Skyler
[]ErasculioForum historian/stalker
[]Evil Cucumber
[]eviltyphAlter-ego of typhoon
[]Fist of GodFormer Blue Team member
[]FlyspeckDemocratically elected Malign Despot of Antioch, founder of The Spelling Police
[]Friend ComputerAlter-ego of Mike Lemmer
[]Falcon Warrior
[]Grand Moff OgreFounder of BORP
[]GuessWhoDrunk panda
[]The Hanging JudgeAlter-ego of Stoker
[]HoodZConcept artist for The Antioch Chronicles
[]The Inquisitor
[]Jack WhateleyAlter-ego of Stoker
[]kateFounder of the Antioch Amazons
[]Kojiro Takenashi
[]Kronos Recker
[]KurenaiJikuFormer Blue Team member
[]L337 M4574Alter-ego of Spooky
[]Lambda CorpsCo-founder of The VSP
[]LucainanCreator of The Felix
[]Lucid IguanaCreator/project leader of Antioch Remastered
[]mAc ChaosFounder of The Chaos Legion
[]MacbethVoice of Ian Anduin in The Antioch Chronicles
[]Mack KilimaroPolitical animal
[]Maggie Sedai
[]MagicFounder of the Star Alliance
[]Mason WheelerMormon
[]MattCreator of Project TPC, also known as TPC
[]merry weather
[]MGStormin' Mormon
[]Mike LemmerCreator of Dave the SCV and Zealots of the Hexagonal Cube, gamemaster for forum Paranoia game
[]Northern Paladin
[]Odin's EyeWandering spirit, brother of Cannibal Jim
[]plain girlPart of the Florida Crew
[]PhalCo-founder of The East-West Coalition
[]PheonixAlter-ego of Phoenix
[]PhoenixSwede, host of Yogscast YouTube channel, brother of Raistlin, also known as Rythian
[]Rabid Penguin
[]RaistlinSwede, brother of Phoenix
[]The Rock
[]Ruaquick1Channel op of #Antioch
[]SeawolfCo-creator of Antioch Wars RPG, creator of SpecOps
[]Sectoid Hunter
[]SpookyFirst forum female
[]StokerFounder of The Protectorate
[]taekwondogirlFriend of Densor
[]TarunBattle-crazed zealot
[]ThornEx-girlfriend of Auspex
[]typhoonCreator of the Starcraft Replay Vault and the Antioch Forever wiki, co-founder of The East-West Coalition
[]UnknownHostPart of the Florida Crew
[]Vank Tar
[]VisserAntipodean warez monkey
[]webrunnerCreator of Anti-Hero for Hire webcomic
[]XyteronAlter-ego of ADemonicObject
[]Ytse JamVoice of Mason Rockwell in The Antioch Chronicles
[]ZeusLegionCo-creator of The Antioch Chronicles

Map of the World

[Map of the World]

Click for the full map (943.5 KB). Shows where everyone lives, as of September 29th, 2004. There's also an even older map (295.4 KB). Compiled by Magnum.