A guy. From the desert.

Fake nametyphoonius lucius maximus
Real nameJ.C. Fields
BirthdateFebruary 14th, 1985
LocationNowhere, New Mexico
Quote"If we were all more like typhoon, the world would be a more rational, peaceful, and vastly more morose place." —Magnum

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I like backwards guitar solos, minimalism, chocolate milk, Wikipedia, grunge, 16-bit video games, westerns, B-sides, Unix-based operating systems, pedal steel guitars, regular expressions, the color green, ratcheting wrenches, corduroy, trains, manual transmissions, picking heavy things up and putting them back down again, hyphens, mechanical watches, foreign languages, girls with long hair, cheap whiskey, serif fonts, bicycles, and songs about rain, and I dislike graphic T-shirts, four-door pick-up trucks, web page layouts with columns, cats, snow, advertisements, Fox News, social networking, glasses, facial hair, Wal-Mart, religion, waking up, books about whales, slotted screws, the word "gift" used as a verb, ladders, sarcasm, inspirational quotes, sea food, Microsoft, emoticons, television, mosquitos, and Kids These Days.


So long ago, my radio heart got broken

June 21st, 2017
Posted by typhoon

[Preview of sc2.png]

Took me five years, but I did it! (In time for Starcraft Remastered?)


I've made a few web sites for the community, including Antioch Forever, Antioch Wars, The East–West Coalition, Love and War, the Starcraft Replay Vault, and WASTE.

My Battle Tag is typhoon#1135.