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5/29/2007 - Back to the last strip I posted. A new one will be coming, well, eventually.

5/19/2007 - So yeah. Starcraft 2. Hard to believe that I've been waiting nearly half my life for this moment. Well, technically, I'm still waiting, since it's not out yet, but you know what I mean. Go to the official site to see more of the overpowering awesome.

5/16/2007 - Duhn duhn DUUUUUUUUHN!

5/2/2007 - Holy shit, it's been eleven months since I updated this thing. I think that's a new record. Don't get too excited; I'm honestly not sure when I'll have another one done. To give you an idea, the storyboard for this was drawn about six months ago, and it's the only one I've done since the last update. So yeah. I do intend to finish this, though. Eventually.

6/2/2006 - Oh my God, an actual update. I guess that means we're one step closer to the Apocalypse, huh?

6/1/2006 - So it turns out Ghaleon Bonne wasn't the only one whose guest comics I forgot about. Falcon Warrior sent me these back in August. Incidentally, he's been bugging me to put them up for a while, which makes me wonder why I didn't look earlier to see if they were sitting in my inbox. Anyway, they're up now. Enjoy.

5/31/2006 - So I was going through my inbox ditching old e-mails that I didn't need to save anymore, when I came across a pair of guest comics from Ghaleon Bonne that he sent me on May 10th. Of last year.
So here they are, and Bonne, my apologies for not throwing them up sooner.
There should be a new TWP comic up within the next few days.

5/28/2006 - Well, I probably owe you guys an explanation, huh? Most of this last month has been hell for me, mainly due to finishing up all my final projects. And then this last week I've mostly been getting unpacked. In addition to that, I ran out of hard drive space and had to move all my comicing files to an external drive temporarily. I've got a new hard drive now, though (320 GB, so it'll be a while before I fill that baby up), so I should be able to get back to work soon.

4/27/2006 - I'm still not happy with Typhoon's injured pose. Especially his face.

4/26/2006 - This is a public service announcement from Dark_T_Zeratul: if you're working on a project, and you're constantly transfering the file(s) from one computer to another, make frequent backups in case you accidentally overwrite the new version with the old version.

4/25/2006 - I also updated the links page, in case anyone cares.

4/19/2006 - Yeah, sorry about the hiatus. Inspiration was on vacation.

4/2/2006 - Hope everyone enjoyed the joke. If you guys missed it, the Super Ran Adventures comic can be found here.

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