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Quote"If we were all more like typhoon, the world would be a more rational, peaceful, and vastly more morose place." —Magnum

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I like backwards guitar solos, minimalism, chocolate milk, Wikipedia, grunge, 16-bit video games, westerns, B-sides, Unix-based operating systems, pedal steel guitars, regular expressions, the color green, ratcheting wrenches, corduroy, trains, manual transmissions, picking heavy things up and putting them back down again, hyphens, mechanical watches, making up words, girls with long hair, RPN calculators, serif fonts, bicycles, and songs about rain, and I dislike graphic T-shirts, four-door pick-up trucks, web page layouts with columns, cats, snow, advertisements, California and New York, social media, glasses, facial hair, Wal-Mart, convolution, waking up, books about whales, slotted screws, the word "gift" used as a verb, ladders, sarcasm, inspirational quotes, sea food, Microsoft, emoticons, television, mosquitoes, and Kids These Days.


I'm not that good, but I'm not that bad

April 13th, 2019
Posted by typhoon

I got the old forum working again. The last time I had it working (which was a good while ago), I simply took the last good database dump I had and imported it into a new MySQL database. I think it stopped working because Avatar switched to a different hosting provider.

This time, I moved everything over to an SQLite database instead, which I consider more resilient for this purpose since the whole thing is one file that's easily moved around or backed up. It was a mostly straightforward process, though I had to change some of the SQL statements (since SQLite does some things differently from MySQL) and write an SQLite abstraction class for phpBB 2 (since that version never supported it).


In an attempt to minimize broken images, I also did a replace for http://(www.) to in the post text, private message text, user avatar, and user signature fields. Of course, there are still a fair few broken ImageShack links and such, but there's nothing that can be done about that. Certain things, such as opening the profile editor, don't work, and I haven't tested things like posting, replying, or voting in polls because that's silly. But reading threads and private messages works fine.

The forum was "pruned" regularly (meaning the oldest posts were regularly deleted), so this represents a snapshot of the community in an arbitrary slice of time, but it's interesting nonetheless (and often pretty funny in retrospect) and a fascinating historical document of what people used to talk about on the internet before Marvel movies and Donald Trump.

A thousand voices singing songs that ain't been sung before

December 31st, 2018
Posted by typhoon

I made a Starcraft II Hotkey Editor since the in-game one is sort of a disaster for co-op mode. The advantages of using this editor instead of the in-game one are:

It's based on my Warcraft III Hotkey Editor. I actually originally intended to create this one first but thought it might be easier to start with Warcraft III (since I was more familiar with how its hotkey system worked), apparently forgetting that there are eleventy billion units in Warcraft III.

Starcraft II is actually simpler in some ways. I was able to remove about six hundred lines of code right away that handled editing tooltips and dragging-and-dropping to reposition buttons. Warcraft III can also have multiple hotkeys for the same command, in two dimensions: "horizontally" in the case of multi-tiered upgrades, such as weapons and armor upgrades or spellcaster training research, and "vertically" in the case of hero abilities having separate "use" and "learn" hotkeys or many abilities having two states (such as Gather/Return Resources). In Starcraft II, these sorts of cases are handled by using separate commands.

I ended up having to rework some parts, including how it lays out the command card so it can display multiple cards per unit and how it handles inputting a hotkey to support non-character keys (such as escape and the space bar). The color overlay for the monochromatic buttons (e.g., move and attack) is a neat CSS/SVG trick.

Most of the time I spent on both editors was inputting data (and pulling information and assets from the map editors) rather than working on the editors themselves. The Warcraft III editor ended up with 608 units and 1036 commands. The Starcraft II editor has 690 units and 1194 commands.

Who was it fell by the way?

November 4th, 2018
Posted by typhoon

I made a Warcraft III Hotkey Editor. I know that there are probably already utilities for this and that the timing is a bit funny considering Warcraft III Reforged will almost certainly include this functionality built-in, but everyone needs a hobby. It has all of the standard multiplayer units and structures, including creeps/mercs, plus campaign units.

It generates a hotkey file that you can copy and paste into the proper directory. I've only tested it in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It can "spirit link" hotkeys so you can set a group of related ones all at once and can automatically generate appropriate tooltips. In addition to editing hotkeys, you can also edit tooltips by clicking on them and reposition buttons by dragging and dropping. Hotkey and button position conflicts are highlighted in red. The load function hasn't been tested extensively, but it can read the WTVR QWEASZ set and the default "CustomKeysSample.txt" and should definitely work fine with any file generated by this editor.

I also made a Starcraft II Co-op Randomizer a while back (since the game client doesn't let you exclude particular commanders or maps from consideration).

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I've made a few web sites for the community, including Antioch Forever, Antioch Wars, The East–West Coalition, Love and War, the Starcraft Replay Vault, and WASTE.

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